Light Trend's lounge lighting solutions encompass ambient fixtures like pendant lights, and accent lighting, elevating the ambiance and functionality of the space for various activities and social gatherings. With customizable options, our lighting transforms the lounge into a versatile area where comfort and style effortlessly intertwine.


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Villa Light Luxury Crystal ChandelierVilla Light Luxury Crystal Chandelier
Villa Light Luxury Crystal Chandelier Sale priceFrom £1,395.00
Lustre Decor Villa ChandelierLustre Decor Villa Chandelier
Lustre Decor Villa Chandelier Sale priceFrom £895.00
Glass Sphere Pendant LightGlass Sphere Pendant Light
Glass Sphere Pendant Light Sale priceFrom £795.00
Modern Minimalist Strip Wall LightModern Minimalist Strip Wall Light
Modern Minimalist Strip Wall Light Sale priceFrom £155.00
Starry Sky Projector PendantStarry Sky Projector Pendant
Starry Sky Projector Pendant Sale priceFrom £450.00
Glass Bubble Pendant LampsGlass Bubble Pendant Lamps
Glass Bubble Pendant Lamps Sale priceFrom £299.00
Cloudy Nordic Pendant LightCloudy Nordic Pendant Light
Cloudy Nordic Pendant Light Sale priceFrom £2,095.00 Regular price£2,395.00
Circular Clear Glass ChandelierCircular Clear Glass Chandelier
Circular Clear Glass Chandelier Sale priceFrom £695.00
Duplex Crystal Luxury ChandelierDuplex Crystal Luxury Chandelier
Duplex Crystal Luxury Chandelier Sale priceFrom £4,995.00 Regular price£5,495.00
Pendant Lamp Crystal ChandelierPendant Lamp Crystal Chandelier
Pendant Lamp Crystal Chandelier Sale priceFrom £1,295.00 Regular price£1,495.00
Square Modern Nordic LightSquare Modern Nordic Light
Square Modern Nordic Light Sale priceFrom £475.00
Atmospheric Luxury Modern Crystal ChandelierAtmospheric Luxury Modern Crystal Chandelier
New LED Crystal Lighting Hanging ChandelierNew LED Crystal Lighting Hanging Chandelier
Circular Crystal ChandelierCircular Crystal Chandelier
Circular Crystal Chandelier Sale priceFrom £1,395.00 Regular price£1,695.00
Black Hanging Crystal ChandelierBlack Hanging Crystal Chandelier
Black Hanging Crystal Chandelier Sale priceFrom £1,295.00
Round Modern Light Fixture Crystal ChandelierRound Modern Light Fixture Crystal Chandelier
Circular Modern K9 Crystal ChandelierCircular Modern K9 Crystal Chandelier
Circular Modern K9 Crystal Chandelier Sale priceFrom £595.00
Circle Decorative Modern LED LightCircle Decorative Modern LED Light
Circle Decorative Modern LED Light Sale priceFrom £495.00
Modern Round Ring LightsModern Round Ring Lights
Modern Round Ring Lights Sale priceFrom £245.00
Creative Clover Nordic LightCreative Clover Nordic Light
Creative Clover Nordic Light Sale priceFrom £245.00 Regular price£295.00
Luxury Nordic Bedside Reading Wall LightLuxury Nordic Bedside Reading Wall Light
Biewalk Crystal Wall LampBiewalk Crystal Wall Lamp
Biewalk Crystal Wall Lamp Sale price£265.00
Simple Luxury Crystal Wall LightSimple Luxury Crystal Wall Light
Nordic LED Wall LightNordic LED Wall Light
Nordic LED Wall Light Sale price£150.00