Outdoor Wall Lights: 5 Tips to bring style and atmosphere to your garden space

Outdoor Wall Lights: 5 Tips to bring style and atmosphere to your garden space



Wall lights are versatile and flexible, perfect for linking different areas of a large green together. 

At Light Trend, we have made it our mission to create waterproof outdoor wall lights  that are stylish objects. Here are some ideas to using them to their maximum effect...


1. Create a foundation of ambient light 

For the high use areas such as the stairs, patio, or decking, you need a good source of ambient light. 

Outdoor wall lights can be fixed to exterior walls, brick etc. When installing outdoor wall lights, it's important to use the appropriate hardware and techniques to ensure that the lights are securely attached and will withstand weather conditions. The exact method of attachment will depend on the specific type of surface you're working with and the design of the light fixture. It's also important to consider the electrical connections and ensure that the installation adheres to safety guidelines.


How high should you place your wall light? As a general rule, wall lights should be placed around 5-5.5 feet above floor level, with the top of the light sitting around eye level, while a series of wall lights should be spaced around 8-10 feet apart.



2. Add some atmosphere 

You can create a more of an atmosphere by layered lighting, just like indoor spaces, outdoor spaces benefit from layered lighting. Combine different types of outdoor lights to create depth and texture. Use a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to achieve a balanced and inviting atmosphere.

Use uplighting and downlighting to enhance and highlight features within your garden. 

Install path lights along walkways, garden paths, or around the perimeter of your outdoor space. These not only provide safety but also guide the way and add a charming touch.

Install dimmers or use smart lighting controls to adjust the brightness and color of your outdoor lights. This allows you to adapt the atmosphere according to the occasion and your preferences.


3. Highlight your favourite features

Use outdoor lights to highlight key areas within your outdoor space that you believe are aesthetically pleasing (to take the limelight away from your least favourite areas). 

Up lights cast a lovely soft glow upwards and are great for illuminating features, such as a natural stone wall or archway, a distinctive plant, or a statue - creating a focal point, drawing the eye and adding depth and interest to your space with contrasting light, shapes and textures. 


4. Create a cosy corner

Outdoor wall lights are just the thing for creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere in a secluded area of the outdoor space.

Choose a variety of outdoor lights that emit a warm and inviting glow. Some options include string lights, fairy lights, lanterns, or even a small outdoor chandelier if your space is covered. Opt for lights with warm white or soft amber tones for a cozy ambiance.


5. Enhance the walkway

You can visually extent your outdoor space by using path lights to enhance and highlight the walkway to create an illusion of the outdoor pace looking extended. 

Some path lights allow you to adjust the angle of the light. Position them in a way that directs the light onto the path and prevents glare.


How to add more wow to your outdoor space: 

  • Extend your space with mirrors - investing in a good quality outdoor mirror  or a series of good quality mirrors can be a great way of reflecting light and extending a sense of space as well as making a style statement.


  • Be bold with your planting - your lighting scheme should form part of your overall garden design. When planning your planting, try adding in some extra wow factor with strong architectural plants such as bamboo or acer, which will make a dramatic statement when lit up at night as well as during the day.


    Remember, garden lighting should be installed by a qualified electrician, and you should make sure that any cabling is secure and protected from any outdoor hazards such as roving wildlife, mowers or the garden shears!



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