Where to place a Chandelier - in any home or space

Where to place a Chandelier - in any home or space

If you want to add a wow factor to your home/space, you don't need a mansion to make this happen - nothing beats a chandelier. Whatever size space you have available there is always space for a spectacular ceiling light. Discover the best places to have a chandelier, with out experts guide... 

These days a huge variety of chandeliers are available through colour, size, style and materials meaning there is one to suit every space whether that be the hallway, dining room, lounge or even the bedroom. Chandeliers add a sense of luxury and elegance to any space you desire it to be in. 


Create a entrance masterpiece with a hallway chandelier 

The entrance hall creates the all important first impression of you home, its a chance for you to show off your decor and make a statement of your style. And what better way to make a statement than a jaw dropping Chandelier in your entrance.

 In a larger hallway, you usually benefit from a multi layered chandelier such as our Designer European Style Villa Crystal Chandelier so it can really make the most of the space and enhance the wow factor element. 

Tip: If your hallway leads off to multiple doorways, place the chandelier so you can see it from every room - use a mirror if needed. 


Use a chandelier to showcase your staircase 

A chandelier is a great way to light up a staircase whether it is a grand entrance or a more narrower, darker entrance. 

Placing a chandelier at the top of your landing will cast plenty of light down and along the stairway whilst still drawing the eye up at the grand chandelier and affectively opening up that space. 

Tip: If you have an open, L-shaped or winding staircase, try suspending a beautiful chandelier from the landing ceiling down into the stairwell. This creates a sense of light and space, and looks gorgeous from both upstairs and downstairs. 


Hanging a feature chandelier in the Lounge

A chandelier in the lounge/living room not only enhances the elegance and style of hour home, it also elevates the space through lighting. Depending on the size and layout of your living room is will help you choose which light fixture to choose and where it is placed. You can create a gorgeous masterpiece by suspending the chandelier from the middle of the ceiling or alining the chandelier  with other architectural factors in the living room that will benefit from enhance lighting eg. a fireplace. 


You can go for a classic and classy chandelier such as the Atmospheric Luxury Modern Crystal Chandelier: 





Or chic and unique with our Nordic Ostrich Feather Pendant Light: 



Tip: When hanging a chandelier in any space that’s a walking pathway, make sure that the bottom of the fixture sits no lower than 7 feet from the floor, to avoid bumping any heads. But in a sitting room you can go big and surprisingly low in certain spaces, for example, over a coffee table. 


Create atmosphere in the kitchen with a chandelier

Kitchens are often multipurpose spaces, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for a touch of glamour, a kitchen island or table is the perfect place to hang a chandelier. As well as adding plenty of illumination, a chandelier will add bags of atmosphere – whether you're cooking, entertaining or just doing nothing much at all. 

Tip: When choosing a chandelier for kitchen, opt for a style and material that complements your overall design theme.



Chandeliers in the Dining room 

The dining room is perhaps the most obvious place for a chandelier. It creates a stunning centre piece as well as a great conversation piece. Whether it is a formal gathering or a family get together a chandelier can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to your dining room and make a style statement. 

When lighting a dining room, base your whole lighting scheme around the dining table and a great chandelier in the centre will make it a focal point. Of course, not everyone has a dedicated dining room, but you can still have a chandelier! Use it to define the dining area in a more open plan space. 

Tip: When placing a chandelier over a dining table, you should position it so that the lowest point sits around 36 inches above the table surface.


Add romance with a bedroom chandelier 

Chandeliers have traditionally graced the hallways and drawing rooms of grand country houses for centuries. However, the bedroom is another lovely place to hang a chandelier, offering some extra luxury and sparkle.

A chandelier will look beautiful placed in the centre of the bedroom ceiling, or alternatively hung centrally over the bed. Sure to bring an extra touch of romance to any boudoir! 

Tip: When hanging a chandelier over the bed, aim to match the scale of the chandelier to the size of your bed, and make sure it doesn’t hang too low. 


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