Things to consider when purchasing a Chandelier!

Things to consider when purchasing a Chandelier!

A chandelier can add a touch of glamour to any room and thanks to their reignited popularity there are so many designs and chandelier types available now. That said, you do need to factor in a few important details when deciding on which chandelier to purchase.

Let’s take a look at what you should consider before you make your chandelier decision :

1. Ceiling height 

It is essential to take the proper measurements when purchasing a chandelier. Without considering height requirements, you may end up with an inappropriate fixture for your space that will only get in the way and kill the style goal you are hoping to achieve!

Make sure not just to measure what’s available but also estimate how much more surface area you could potentially need once all elements are added together.

2. Chandelier weight 

The weight of a chandelier is extremly important in determining whether or not your ceiling can support the overall set. In order to properly check this, you will need to employ a chandelier load tester these specialists will give you peace of mind that your ceiling joist is capable of holding the chandelier weight and therefore avoid any costly accidents or damage to your property. 

3. Chandelier design

For a chandelier to be successful, the design should reflect the current style and décor of your room. Chandeliers come in many different materials such as metal or crystal which can make for an interesting accent piece depending on your preference. Think about how those same elements might look against other aspects like wall colour schemes, windows and statement furniture. 

4. Positioning

The light in a room really does make all of the difference. It’s important to consider not just what kind you have, but where your chandeliers are so they don’t cast unwanted reflections on tables or seated areas. The light in a room should not impose on anyone using it so consider who is using the space and what for.

5. Your budget 

Nowadays you can find a chandelier for any budget, but it’s best to know what you’re willing and able to spend before starting your search. Thankfully chandeliers come in different shapes and sizes which means there will be options within range at all price points! 

Whilst there is a huge gap between budget chandeliers and bespoke crystal designs, it’s worth noting that the cheaper end of the scale doesn’t always mean that your chandelier will have less of a wow factor. 

6. Ongoing maintenance 

Cleaning the chandelier is crucial to maintaining its high quality. Just like with most furniture, dust will accumulate on these pieces and need regular cleaning sessions.

If you are unable to clean your chandelier yourself, due to the height of sheer magnitude of the task a professional chandelier cleaner will be able to fulfil this chore for you.

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